At Amiri Sails your order will always start with a comprehensive, transparent, and informative conversation with your Master Sailmaker to define your exact needs. Together we will choose the fabric, cut and finish best suited to your program and sailing style.

Our 50 years of experience in ocean cruising and racing, our powerful Smar Azure 3D design software and our  36-feet design/cutting plotter, allow us to manufacture a wide range of sails to your specifications with full control over the production line.

All our sails are finished to a high standard, with options available on request, and are delivered with a customised bag for transport and storage.

Coastal & Offshore Cruising
Want to enjoy your boat while cruising or travelling to remote areas with strong, durable, and economical sails?

We have a wide range of woven, coated, durable, and economical fabrics in both horizontal and radial cuts for strong sails that are easy to trim and repair yourself on the far side of the world.

-Fast cruising sails made of firm woven polyester to suit boat size and budget with Contender fibercon AP available in grey white and black.
-Long-distance and high displacement sails, hybrid hydranet or double taffeta spectra laminate.

Forced and full-batten battens on demand provide excellent profile retention and easy storage in lazy-bags or lazyjacks.

Fast Cruising, Club Racing, and Racer-Cruisers
You like to surf and exploit your hull’s speed potential through fine-tuning with high-performance,  stable, yet durable sails?

Our premium polyester and exotic laminates provide a directional cut that improves sail performance while offering greater directional stability for increased longevity without the cost of carbon.

Polyester film-film laminates type ZZP for light sailing and bay racing, or double taffeta CDX for fast cruising, club and offshore racing.

Double taffeta provides good UV and rip resistance for exceptional longevity. The perfect sails for a mixed-use of racing and cruising use without having to change sails at every outing.

Racing, Offshore, and One Design
You are a weekend warrior of windward-leeward, coastal or offshore regattas and your sails make the difference between the middle of the fleet and the podium?

With 50 years of experience in regattas and offshore racing, we design and produce custom-made, high-performance, lightweight sails in aramid, carbon, technora, or dyneema composites combined with film-film technology with or without taffeta.

Whether in ORC, IRC, or one-design competition, we have a thorough knowledge of the rules and measurement to optimise the shape of your sails, measured hundreds of boats, and produced as many custom sails adapted to the goals of competitive sailors.

Downwind sails
We design accessible, forgiving cruising gennakers with a wide range of use, cable-less furling, as well as regatta spinnakers optimised to ORC, IRC, and one-design requirement in stable, durable, tear-resistant and non-porous fabrics, from J80 to Catana 67.

-Extensive range of cruiser/offshore reachers in tri-radial cut, Superkote and Stormlite as well as regatta Code Zero in CZ ripstop fabrics
-A range of cruising catamaran reachers in 4oz polyester horizontal cut with UV tape, specially designed to keep the sail in place when not sailing.
-Spinnakers in Nylite 90 & Maxilite, triradial cut for the cruising range, as well as Superkote Medium and Superlite 50 for the racing range.  

Sliders or luff tape, full batten or 3+1 batten, eye or friction rings for reefs, cunningham, leech tension back to the luff, sail shape visualisation strips, sail numbers, measurements on the boat, sail painting for advertising.